Acting, screenwriting
and voice-over


Plenty of samples from
Weyerhaeuser, Holland
America, Boeing and many
other clients and employers.


Journalistic training at the University of Missouri and
two decades of work for companies like Boeing.


Lots of nice comments
from employers, clients,
co-workers and readers
over the years.


News and feature articles,
press releases, marketing
and advertising copy,
strategic plans ... and more.

Comments from clients, managers and co-workers



       "Everything he sends over is great!"

             -- editor, Boeing News,
            circulation 300,000 readers

"You get along well with everyone, you're a quick study, and your writing skills are unquestioned."

                  -- Ziegler's lead supervisor

"The treatment of this subject is perhaps the best of its type that I've seen during my long career in corporate communications at major corporations."

                  -- another Boeing communicator commenting on feature and
                 sidebars about a Boeing employee's recovery from alcoholism

"I was impressed with Mark's story. He has outdone himself. It was a terrific piece of work."

                  -- client commenting on the "Keeping hope alive" article
                 for the annual Boeing Employees Good Neighbor Fund campaign


"I want to express my appreciation, as editor, for the support I have been receiving from Mark Ziegler in the production of my division newsletter. Mark has done an outstanding job and is so very easy to work with. The quality of the newsletter has been excellent and he always manages to meet our deadline. This is exceptional customer support."

                   -- a client of our huge internal communications bureau

"Your writing is some of the best I've seen in the Boeing News. Other people in my group commented on it, too."

                   -- Boeing News reader

"Mark Ziegler has just completed a six-month
period of contract work for Monsanto as a Public
Relations Representative, and he has my hardiest
endorsement as a capable, energetic practitioner."

"Mark has been a great help to us on this contract basis. We wish Mark the best in his career and give him a strong recommendation."

                  -- G. D. Ingenthron
                 Director, News Bureau

      "At Boeing, Mark reported to me as one of the writers.
      Without fail, he met deadlines and turned in professional
      high-quality copy. When I left Boeing, I started my own
      freelance writing business. I have had occasion to hire Mark
      as a subcontractor and he continued to perform in the same outstanding, competent manner that I had come to expect at Boeing."

His strengths?

"1. The ability to understand what the client wants, develop a product that meets those needs, and deliver the project on time.

"2. The ability to do this regardless of his initial familiarity for the subject matter of the project. (For example, when I hired him for subcontractor work, I assigned him to write a story on the artwork and antiques on a Holland America Line cruise ship then under construction. It was not a subject with which he was familiar, but with minimal instruction from me, he was able to contact architects and designers in Europe, compile all the needed information -- including photographs -- and write a story that met or exceeded my needs and the needs of my client.)"

                           -- Jan Hinman, former Boeing co-worker
                          and editor of Holland America employee publication


      "I've worked for the state for 14 years, at
     three state agencies, and your newsletter is
     easily the best I've seen."

                     -- Department of Personnel reader

"I must continue to tell you how great this work has been. It's so informative and looks great, too. What an absolutely excellent e-newsletter."

                   -- DOP employee and reader

"Mark has been a great addition to our communications team and has brought internal communications to a whole new level at DOP. Not only has his work kept us informed and entertained, but he has also done an outstanding job of promoting better understanding and teamwork across the agency. He's also a heck of a nice guy. I know Mark has made many friends and admirers during his time at DOP."

                  -- Ziegler's immediate supervisor/manager

"My personal recommendation might be to ask Mark Ziegler -- he's got great writing skills, does the weekly update, is great with a camera, kind with people. Even if he cannot attend the meetings because of his busy schedule, he gets things done, and has a sharp eye."

                  -- an internal DOP client of our Communications department


"Mark, I would like to commend you on the Weekly Briefs -- they have been informative, amusing and interesting. You are doing a great job making us all feel like one big DOP family."

                  -- DOP employee and reader


"You write well; you have that ability to bring 'life' to whatever topic is given to you. Not only that, the pictures you’ve taken of DOP staff have a lot of heart and show the many faces of DOP. They invite the viewer to really take a good look.”

                  -- another DOP employee and reader

"You've done a great job at sharing information and helping to keep employee spirits up during some pretty stressful times."

                  -- a DOP manager


       "Mark has proven to be an excellent
       employee and communicator."

"Specifically, Mark's journalism training and experience allowed him to contribute almost immediately to the productivity of the department. The quality of his work made editing an almost unnecessary process."

"A team player, Mark willingly contributes to planning sessions and is quick to grasp and expand upon creative concepts."

" ... his enthusiasm, dedication and skills make him an excellent asset to the profession."

                  -- Jim Konschuh,
                Director of Public Relations




     "You have done a lot of excellent work. It
     looks great and reads well. You have recast
     in an easy-to-follow manner."

                -- Ron Reifler, co-creator,
               Self-Management for Kids Program,
               Playa del Rey, California






       "He handled constituency inquiry on a broad range
      of issues. It was obvious from his interest and
      superb performance that Mark is very good at
      working with people."

      "In addition, he proved himself to be a capable
      and sensitive individual in dealing with sometimes
      emotional circumstances. He displayed initiative
      and maturity and has an ability to comprehend
      complex issues very quickly. Mark was an asset to
      this office and I would recommend him highly to
      any future employer."

                                -- Warren K. Erdman,
                               the governor's Assistant for Public Affairs,
                               and now a University of Missouri curator