Acting, screenwriting
and voice-over


Plenty of samples from
Weyerhaeuser, Holland
America, Boeing and many
other clients and employers.


Journalistic training at the University of Missouri and
two decades of work for companies like Boeing.


Lots of nice comments
from employers, clients,
co-workers and readers
over the years.


News and feature articles,
press releases, marketing
and advertising copy,
strategic plans ... and more.


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No More 'Wasted' Time

                  The triumphant story of a Boeing employee who
                    hits her alcoholic "bottom," seeks help through the
                    company's assistance program, and saves her job
                    and family.



                        Delivery to Kenya:

                          Their Friendship Spans
                 Two Decades and Two Continents

     A Los Angeles man never forgot the visiting foreign nursing student
     who cared for his ailing parents. Now, with the help of the Boeing
     International Relief Delivery Flights, he's able to return the favor many
     years later by providing badly needed medical supplies to her remote
     Kenyan clinic.




              Keeping Hope Alive

        When she was younger, a "good neighbor" helped
        this Boeing employee overcome a daunting life
        dilemma. With that memory still fresh in her mind,
        she now helps those facing similar dire
        circumstances by volunteering at a community
        organization and encouraging others to give to
        the Boeing Employees Good Neighbor Fund.



             'In Touch' With the Outdoors:

                    Volunteer's Efforts Helps
                 Save Lives in the Wilderness

       This Boeing employee volunteers his spare time to search for
       and rescue those lost in the rugged nearby Cascade Mountains.
       For his heroic efforts, he's received the thanks of many, as
       well as a prestigious leadership post.




                Helping Those in Crisis

                 He and his wife were at a loss of how to handle
                 their wayward teenage son. With the help of
                 professionals, they learned to deal with him as
                 best as they could, without letting the situation
                 adversely impact their marriage. As a Crisis Line
                 volunteer, he now counsels those in similar
                 situations, while also serving as a booster for
                 the Boeing Employees Good Neighbor Fund.


      Retirement Brings New Life:

    Senior Helps Seniors Get Benefits

   Suddenly unsure of what to do with himself after
   working many years in the workplace, this Boeing
   retiree finds meaning in educating and advising
   his peers on health insurance-related topics.
   Rather unexpectedly, he finds volunteering almost
   as fulfilling as his decades in industrial engineering
   and his huge collection of political buttons. 




               Recalling Bi-Mart's Beginnings:

                   Founder Jack Phelan Retires

                  Read about how a cup of coffee, a good idea and
                  a lot of perseverance led to the creation of a
                  Pacific Northwest retail giant. A very sentimental
                  look back at a fascinating career.



         Remembrances for Mother's Day:

           Working Solutions Helps Make the
       Holiday Special for This Boeing Employee

       After a terrible car accident, a son struggles to handle
       many complex issues related to his mother's prolonged stay
       on life support. In this autobiographical account, Mark
       Ziegler recalls how a Boeing-supplied referral service helped          
       him negotiate a series of seemingly hopeless dilemmas.